Center for Community Planning and Development


Community Development
The Center is a resource for community development practitioners, funders and policy makers interested in understanding how to better promote economic inclusion and equity in communities. In the face of increasing rates of concentrated poverty, we have been working to identify, document and assess comprehensive community development models.

Housing and Foreclosure
The 2005 housing and foreclosure crisis fundamentally changed housing markets in cities and neighborhoods across the country. Now, many of the hardest hit areas are looking for ways to develop in a more equitable and sustainable manner. The Center conducts housing studies for neighborhoods, cities, counties and housing authorities to help them plan for the future. As a long-term research and evaluation partner for Cuyahoga County’s foreclosure prevention program, we have amassed a rich database to help us understand various approaches to foreclosure prevention and the short and longer-term success of homeowners that participate in the program.

At the national level, the Center has worked with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the Urban Institute, and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to examine the rapidly increasing rates of poverty, particularly in suburban areas and the impact this has on households as well as on cities and the delivery of services. The Center is also involved in research to develop and promote programs and policies to bridge the divide and provide greater access to good schools, quality housing and good paying jobs for low-income households.

Economic Inclusion
The Center is home to the Greater University Circle Economic Inclusion Program. The program was created by the Cleveland Foundation in 2015 to harness the economic power of the anchor institutions in University Circle to benefit their neighborhoods. We convene and facilitate anchor partners, local governments and neighborhoods in the University Circle area of Cleveland to promote economic inclusion through jobs, housing, small business development and neighborhood retail, education and health. We also serve as the evaluation and research partner for the initiative.

Community Planning
The Center assists local communities interested in conducting planning studies for balanced growth and long-term sustainability. It houses the Best Local Land Use Practices program, the local government outreach component of the Ohio Balanced Growth Program, a project of the Ohio Lake Erie Commission and the Ohio Water Resources Council. Planning studies may focus on housing, transportation, retail and/or green space.

Strengthening the Public Sector
The Center has been on the forefront of recent efforts to design and assess Fellowship programs that strengthen the public sector through the placement of early and mid-career professionals in cities and public agencies. At the national level, we worked with the White House Strong Cities Strong Communities Fellows Program and locally, we work with the Cleveland Foundation Public Service Fellowship program.