Center for Public Management

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About the Center

The Center for Public Management's mission is to serve as a resource for Ohio¹s state and local governments and not-for-profit organizations by providing services to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of governance operations and public policy.

The Center for Public Management (PM) provides technical assistance, policy analysis, applied research, organizational and staff development, and training services to a broad clientele. Since its inception in 1982, the PM has served state and local governments, not-for-profit organizations, public works agencies, special districts, and policy and legislative organizations on a local, regional, state, and national basis.

The center works collaboratively with the Great Lakes Environmental Finance Center to provide services to the Ohio public sector. These collaborative relationships provide a multi-disciplinary approach to structure and deliver services designed to meet the current and future needs of the public and not-for-profit communities. These relationships also build on the broad base of skills and experience of the Levin College¹s programs and staff.

Our services include:

  • Technical assistance
  • Policy analysis
  • Organizational development
  • Applied research
  • Staff development
  • Training services