Center for Economic Development

Economic Development Administration University Center

Economic Development Administration

The Center for Economic Development has served the Economic Development Administration (EDA) of the U.S. Department of Commerce as a designated EDA University Center since 1985. The EDA has six large regional offices throughout the country and the CSU EDA Center is one of seven university-based centers located throughout the six-state Chicago EDA region. Since its establishment, the CSU EDA Center has provided in-depth research and general technical assistance to numerous local, regional, and statewide clients.

The Center serves the Northeast Ohio region by providing technical assistance, applied research, and dissemination of information to aid in urban and regional economic development. The Center works with economic development organizations, state and local governments, and businesses to improve the areas competitive advantage, and help in the regional transformation to a knowledge-based economy.

More information about EDA is available at http://www.eda.gov.