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The Center for Economic Development was established as the Economic Development Program in the Levin College’s Urban Center in 1984. The program focused on analyses of federal, state, and local public policies and their effect on the economic growth of Cleveland and the region. In the mid-1990s, the Program studied Ohio’s economic competitiveness and began developing the Ohio Economic Development Information Network in partnership with other Ohio’s public universities. Based on data received from the State (Ohio Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages, also known as ES202), the Program developed a longitudinal data base with information on companies located in Ohio. This data base allowed the Program to track employment and wages of Ohio companies over time. These data were used to build the Program’s expertise in analysis of regional economies and analysis of industries and economic clusters. The Center still maintains and houses these data.

In 1985, the CSU EDA Center became one of seven university-based centers located throughout the six-state Chicago EDA region. Since its establishment, the CSU EDA Center has provided in-depth research and general technical assistance to numerous local, regional, and statewide clients.

Since 2000 the Economic Development Program became The Center for Economic Development, which built the analytical research capacity and increased its regional and national reputation. As a result of growing experience and reputation, the Center received funding for research projects from several national foundations, including the Knight Foundation, Lincoln Institute for Land Policy, Fannie Mae Foundation, and Kaufman Foundation. At the same time, the Center continues to conduct regional and state level studies for many economic development organizations in Northeast Ohio and the state. The Center established long-term relationships with JumpStart, Inc., NorTech, MAGNET, the Fund for Our Economic Future, the Greater Cleveland partnership, NASA Glenn Research Center, Cuyahoga County’s Department of Development, BioOhio, and the Ohio Manufacturing Association. The Center continues to evolve and develop new expertise in research areas such as innovation and entrepreneurship and their role in regional economic growth and analyses of high-tech and emerging industries.