Center for Economic Development

Research and Programs

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The Center has significant expertise in the following research areas

Ecology of Innovation
  • Knowledge flows through patent analysis
  • Science and innovation public policies
  • Hi-tech industries and occupations
  • Bioscience industries
  • Measures of research and development
  • Research universities and regional growth
  • Social Innovation
  • Regional entrepreneurship
  • Business startups and survivorship
  • Measures of access to Capital
  • Indicators
Performance of Economic Clusters
  • Analysis of economic clusters and driver industries
  • Cluster mapping
  • Supply chain analysis
  • Analysis of Emerging Industries and Clusters
Industry Analysis
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Bioscience
  • Advance Energy
  • High- tech industries
  • Emerging industries
Economic Analysis of Cities and Regions
  • Analysis of urban geographies
  • Community profiles
  • Regional economic profiles
  • Regional Economic Indicators
Economic Impact
  • Organizations and large projects
  • Universities
  • Industries and clusters
Economic Development Strategy and Policy
  • Strategies for distressed communities
  • Regional and state strategies
  • Inform regional policy agenda
  • Technology based economic development
Workforce Development
  • Identifying in-demand occupations
  • Finding the return on investment
  • Evaluation of workforce programs
  • Custom analysis of labor market data
Evaluation of Economic Development Initiatives
  • Living Cities Integration Initiative
    • Evergreen Co-ops
    • Health Tech Corridor Supply Chain
    • Land Trust
    • Employer based housing initiative