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The Energy Policy Center (EPC) is housed within the Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs at Cleveland State University. The mission of the EPC is to help overcome social and institutional barriers to the implementation of solutions to energy challenges by providing an objective channel for the free exchange of ideas, the dissemination of knowledge, and the support of energy-related research in the areas of public policy, economics, business and social science.

Why We Exist

Vast resources are invested in energy innovation in Northern Ohio and throughout the world, yet frequently our regulations and institutions prevent the adoption of these innovations even as we develop them. It has long been recognized that social factors play a significant role in the adoption of new technologies, yet these factors continue to be poorly understood by decision makers. The reason for this is that powerful forces with an interest in the status quo provide most of the information decision makers rely upon. The result is that energy policy is set principally through advocacy by those who seek to protect their own interests and to prevent change. In the meantime, an unsuspecting public has difficulty in ascertaining the difference between advocacy and unbiased research. The EPC seeks to introduce into the public dialogue a source of unbiased insight into the factors that influence energy policy, and how that policy affects our society now and in the future.