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Date Title Author
December 12, 2015 Shale development creates possible petrochemical industry growth for Ohio Andrew Thomas
December 4, 2015 We still don't know if a drill permit trumps a zoning law in Ohio Heidi Gorovitz Robertson
November 20, 2015 Ohio and other states opposed to the Clean Power Plan have a lot in common William Bowen
November 13, 2015 Taft's investments in fuel cells may yet pay off for Ohio Andrew Thomas
November 5, 2015 Ohio law has some gaps to fill when it comes to how landowners are forced into shale drilling arrangements Heidi Gorovitz Robertson
October 16, 2015 Moving Ohio beyond an extractive mineral economy Andrew Thomas
October 9, 2015 Don't drop Utica shale from your hopes -- not yet, at least Iryna Lendel
October 2, 2015 Surviving the down times in the oil and gas industry Andrew Thomas
September 18, 2015 It's time for Ohio's energy study mandates committee to set aside traditional politics Andrew Thomas
September 11, 2015 Ohio cities may have a new way to control oil and gas drilling within their borders Heidi Gorovitz Robertson
August 28, 2015 It's round two in the fight beween Beck Energy and Munroe Falls Heidi Gorovitz Robertson
August 21, 2015 FirstEnergy's redistributive coalition strategy and the exploitation of rational ignorance Andrew Thomas
August 7, 2015 Consensus developing around plan for a severance tax hike in Ohio Jim Samuel
July 31, 2015 Nexus pipeline fight is not over yet Heidi Gorovitz Robertson
July 10, 2015 EPA plan should be studied, considered, but not merely ignored in the process William Bowen
June 26, 2015 The EPA's report on fracking has been given a positive spin by much of the media Heidi Gorovitz Robertson
June 19, 2015 The Saudi strategy Andrew Thomas
June 12, 2015 The U.S. can still be a leader in a revived field of energy development. William Bowen
June 5, 2015 Proposed law may saddle cities and towns with unwelcome costs and ugly well sites Heidi Gorovitz Robertson
May 29, 2015 Arctic drilling could benefit Ohio Jim Samuel
May 15, 2015 Efficiency and decreased energy useage are not the same thing William Bowen
May 8, 2015 House Bill 8 will give drillers a big negotiating advantage over Ohio's landowners Andrew Thomas
May 1, 2015 Ohio lawmakers prepare to give drillers nearly unfettered access to almost all public and private lands Heidi Gorovitz Robertson
April 23, 2015 Now is the best time to tax oil and gas -- for the sake of the oil and gas industry Andrew Thomas
April 10, 2015 Denying FirstEnergy's powerpurchase agreement would leave Ohio's regulators three-for-three William Bowen
March 27, 2015 Ohio's General Assembly should heed PJM Interconnect on grid reliability in its energy mandate review Andrew Thomas
March 20, 2015 Why we need more pipelines David Fornari
March 12, 2015 Don't return to rate-of-return regulation William Bowen
March 6, 2015 Ohio Supreme Court leaves room for traditional zoning as it rejects Munroe Falls' ordinances Heidi Gorovitz Robertson
February 27, 2015 Specious 'held by production' lease claims are too common in Ohio Andrew Thomas
February 20, 2015 Vive la low oil prices! David Fornari
February 5, 2015 Is bailing out FirstEnergy's underperforming assets really a legitimate subsidy? William Bowen
January 23, 2015 FirstEnergy's latest strategy for a bailout is still a bad idea Andrew Thomas
January 16, 2015 New York will ban hydraulic fracturing through a review requirement Ohio lacks Heidi Gorovitz Robertson
January 9, 2015 Electric utilities need to prepare for change William Bowen
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Date Title Author
September 2, 2013 Ohio Analyst Ponders Mexico’s Reforms And U.S. Energy Sector Jim Samuel
February 18, 2013 Shale Industry Moves Into Infrastructure Development Next Andrew Thomas
February 6, 2013 Energy Companies Highlight Utica Shale Potential At Industry Focused Summit Andrew Thomas
February 4, 2013  Shale Summit  Iryna Lendel
February 4, 2013 Shale Summit Speakers Tout Industry’s Economic Benefits Iryna Lendel
October 29, 2012 Presidential Politics and Energy Policy  Andrew Thomas

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December, 2014 Featured Researcher Videos - Professor Bill Bowen William Bowen