Energy Policy Center

Faculty and Staff

Andrew R. Thomas
Executive In Residence, Energy Policy Center
Mr. Thomas administers the EPC. He has worked in the energy business for 30 years as a scientist and an attorney. His principal areas of research include oil and gas, electricity and transportation. Mr. Thomas teaches courses on energy law at Cleveland State University and internationally at various venues. He is the director for the Renewable Hydrogen Fuel Cell Collaborative, and is an Oil and Gas Commissioner for the State of Ohio.

Dr. William Bowen
Professor, Public Administration and Urban Studies
Dr. Bowen is the faculty research director for the EPC. His expertise is in research-based decision-making and problem solving in regional analysis and planning, especially in relation to economic development, environmental issues, and energy studies.

Mark Henning
Research Associate, Energy Policy Center
Mark is a Research Associate at the Energy Policy Center. He has co-authored studies on microgrids, energy storage systems, Ohio hydrocarbon development, and sustainable transportation at the Center.

Dr. Iryna Lendel
Research Associate Professor and Director, Center for Economic Development
Dr. Lendel works with the EPC on economic development research. She conducts research associated with energy intensive manufacturing, electricity industries and shale development, especially related to downstream and petrochemical industries.

Dr. Heidi Gorovitz Robertson
Professor of Environmental Law, Cleveland Marshall School of Law
Professor Robertson researches and presents on issues concerning the Gulf Coast oil spill, the regulation of oil and gas production in Ohio, and landowner and community rights.

Dr. Robert A. Simons
Professor, Real Estate and Urban Planning and Development, Economics and Urban Studies, and Chair, Department of Urban Studies
Dr. Simons researches and teaches courses on real estate market analysis. Dr. Simons has provided expert testimony on the economic effects of environmental contamination and resource extraction, including natural gas development and transport, on property values and infrastructure.

Kirby Date
Executive in Residence, School of Urban Affairs and Program Manager, The Community Planning Program
Kirby Date, AICP, RLA is a community planner who works with urban, suburban and rural communities to provide decision support on land use, development and conservation issues. She undertakes economic development research related to shale, transportation and microgrid development.

Jim Samuel
Jim Samuel is a fellow for the Urban College, specializing in energy policy making. He provides support to the Energy Policy Center in areas of natural gas transportation, shale development, fuel cells and renewable power generation. He founded the Capitol Integrity Group in 2005 to provide strategic policy advice and communications. For information see: http://www.capitolintegrity.com.