Northern Ohio Data and Information Service (NODIS)

GIS Instruction

NODIS offers instruction in GIS three ways:

(1) Introductory workshops in ArcGIS

NODIS offers introductory workshops that provide practical, hands-on experience in ArcGIS software. These three-day workshops are taught by NODIS GIS specialist instructor Jim Wyles. He has taught both graduate and undergraduate courses using ESRI GIS Software since the early 1990s. Workshops are held within the College in our state-of-the-art lab facilities. Contact Sharon Bliss at for details about ArcGIS (and other GIS) workshops offered by NODIS.

ArcGIS software is one of the most widely used desktop mapping and GIS software packages. Introduction to ArcGIS gives the conceptual overview needed to take full advantage of the software's functions. No experience with desktop mapping or GIS technology is required, but registrants should be familiar with windowing software.

Participants become familiar with the ArcGIS graphical user interface (GUI) and use ArcGIS to create, edit, display, query and analyze geographic and tabular data and to create presentation maps and charts.

For more information see the Introduction to ArcGIS workshop page.

(2) Customized training in ArcGIS

NODIS offers customized training courses in GIS. We work in partnership with our clients, providing training and support during and after the implementation of a GIS. Please contact Dr. Mark Salling for more details regarding customized GIS training.

(3) The Certificate Program in Urban Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Several courses taught by NODIS staff for the Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs include specific instruction in computer basics, mapping, database management and geographic information systems. The College has a GIS Lab Assistant, supervised by the NODIS director, to assist faculty and students in the use of GIS in the curriculum. The College offers a certificate program in Urban Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The program helps the College fulfill its mission to "provide academic and professional education, expertise, and research capabilities to enhance the quality of life in urban communities."

The certificate program offers a sequence of courses to professionals who wish to learn GIS technology to complement their careers in government, planning, environment, public works, and other urban agencies. The program provides a solid understanding of basic GIS concepts, technical and institutional factors in GIS design and implementation and applications of the technology in professional settings.

The certificate in Urban Geographic Information Systems is available to students enrolled in graduate or undergraduate programs at Cleveland State University and to professionals who meet University requirements for non-degree-seeking status.

See the Undergraduate and Graduate Certificate webpages for more details.