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Map of 1990 Census Tracts for Cuyahoga County

1990 Census Tracts for Cuyahoga County Showing Interstates and 1992 Community Boundaries
basin_aggreg_after_map.png (139875 bytes) Catchment Aggregation By Magnitude - (after running basin_aggregation_v3.mbx)
cleveland central east.png (193403 bytes)

Cleveland Central East District - Catholic Diocese of Cleveland

Map showing CSU degree status of students by Zip Code for seven county area

CSU Degree Status of Students By Zip Code for the Seven County Greater Cleveland Area
downstream_distance.png (112140 bytes)

Distance to Downstream Sample Point and Downstream Catchment - Calculating Aggregated Land Use & Census Variables

riparian_buffer.png (138679 bytes)

Example of 120 Meter Buffer Results After Running Riparian_buf.mbx

The Program determines the aggregated area of land use in buffer distances of 15, 30, 60, 90, 120, & 150 meters from the DEM derived rivers in each catchment.

Map of flooding entry on september 6 and 7 1990.

Flooding Entry on September 6 and 7, 1990, City of Lakewood (PDF format)
map_tot_pop_per_sq_mi.jpg (155058 bytes) I90/ E 140th Street/ Coit Rd Major Retail Centers with Distance Buffers showing Population Density (Persons per Square Mile) by 2000 Census Block Group
Map of land use on Cuyahoga county Land Use on Cuyahoga County (PDF format)

Map showing location of existing and proposed emergency call boxes

The Location of Existing and Proposed Emergency Call Boxes and Outdoor Public Phones (PDF Format)

Map of manufacturing employment in Cuyahoga County, 1989

Manufacturing Employment in Cuyahoga County, 1989 1Q - 1993 1Q

Map of Median Household Income by 1990 Census block Group

Median Household Income by 1990 Census Block group (St. Luke's Hospital Neighborhood)

Map of Ohio edge cities

Ohio Edge Cities
Map of 25-house district with community and county borders Ohio House District 25 with Community and County Borders

Map of Parcel owners to notify road resurfacing

Parcel Owners to Notify for Road Resurfacing - Ansel Road (PDF Format)

Map of Downtown SPA

Selected Organizations and Facilities within the Downtown Statistical Planning Area
grocery_tot_pop_density.jpg (149073 bytes) Strategic Retail Initiative & Suburban Grocery Stores Showing Persons Per Square Mile by 2000 Census Block Group

Map showing Toxic Chemical Release Sites 1967-1990

Toxic Chemical Release Sites, 1967-1990 And Proportion Minority, 1990 Census Tracts in Cuyahoga County
upstream_calculation_output.png (137996 bytes) Upstream_Calculation_Only.mbx Uses 3 Input Files Identifed When Running mbx: Sample Points, Streams (Polyline), & Catchment (Polygon).