Northern Ohio Data and Information Service (NODIS)

Request Data & Maps

Listed below are standard and custom NODIS reports, maps, datasets, projects and training services. Contact NODIS with your request at or (216) 687-2210.

Reports are based on Census or other data sources such as property (parcel) records from county administrative office, vital statistics for birth and death certificate records, and many others.

Report Geographies: Reports are available for these standard geographies: Blocks, Blockgroups, Tracts, Neighborhoods, Wards, Cities, Counties, States & US and these custom geogrphaphies: Radius Search - Based on a radius around a location, any requestor defined area like empowerment zones, parish districts, etc.

  • Profile Report: Census (and/or non-census) data for a specific area. May involve data analysis and a written narrative.

  • Listing Report: Census (and/or non-census) data collected and formatted for multiple areas.

  • Time Series Custom Report: Data over a time period, for example the population of Cleveland from 1900 to 2000.

  • Census Tract Street Guide: This guide lists Census tract numbers, cities and zipcodes for corresponding street addresses in Ohio counties. Also available for wards & neighborhoods in Cleveland.
NODIS creates 8½"x11", 11"x17" & 36"x48" sized maps.
  • Area Reference Maps: Maps based on any geography in Ohio. Popular layers include zipcodes, counties, cities, census tracts and streets.

  • Thematic Maps: Theme based maps derived from Census tables such as income, employment, education, race etc. Thematic maps can be provided for any geography in Ohio. Maps for other states are also possible. Popular layers include zipcodes, counties, cities, census tracts, streets, etc.

  • Custom Maps: NODIS can add requestor defined areas such as empowerment zones, parish boundaries, user provided plotted addresses and more.

  • Map Reprints: NODIS will reprint maps previously created providing the map is readily accessible for $20 per map (+ the cost of shipping).

NODIS can provide electronic versions of census data and formatted mapping files for use in GIS and other software applications, including ArcGIS (and other ESRI software), MapInfo, MS PowerPoint (and other MS Office software), Adobe Acrobat, various database programs and more.

NODIS undertakes projects creating customized reports (with narratives), data tables, maps and trend analysis for requestor defined areas. NODIS also conducts surveys and provides frequency tables.

NODIS provides consultation on GIS implementation, including needs assessment, hardware and software selection and budgeting and implementation planning. NODIS also provides onsite & offsite training for both MapInfo and ArcGIS.