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Team B Plan Summary

Team Members

  • Steven Kanner
  • Nathaniel Neider
  • Julie Quinn
  • Julia Schnell
  • Alethea Ganaway
  • Xin Xu

Site Plan


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Guiding Themes

We seek to create an area that will include the following attributes for visitors, workers and residents:

  • An area that is aesthetically and artistically innovative, exciting, and inviting;

  • A neighborhood where everyone feel safe and secure;

  • A neighborhood that strives to meet LEED-ND standards;

  • A reasonable rate of return for the developers, investors and managers of the properties in the community;

  • An attractive community for both single and family households wishing to live here;

  • An innovative work environment that allows employment opportunities for both high-tech and low-tech workers at both high-end and livable income ranges;

  • A community that fosters cooperativeness through encouraged and deliberate neighborhood interaction and cooperative housing and business models;

  • A place where innovative high- and low-tech practices are sought in regards to energy use and promoting a clean environment;

  • An area that interacts, appreciates and makes use of the Cuyahoga River in an enjoyable and environmentally sustainable fashion

  • An area that has an ample percentage of open and non-built upon space--One that encourages considerable tree coverage;

  • An inclusive community that welcomes low, medium and high-income people, of all backgrounds, to live, work and play.