Center for Community Planning and Development

Working together for strong, sustainable communities

The mission of the Center is to strengthen the practice of planning and community development through independent research, technical assistance, and civic education and engagement. The Center works in partnership with public, private and non-profit organizations, local governments, and development and planning professionals.


  • Planning, program development and evaluation to foster resilient, just and prosperous communities, improve the quality of life, attack the causes of poverty and inequality, and advance the sustainable development of urban regions.
  • Public policy research to inform policymakers as they respond to issues related to housing and neighborhood development and change (including foreclosures and vacant and abandoned property).
  • Data development and dissemination to promote the exchange of information and data and technical assistance about community planning, development and housing issues.
  • Convening and engaged learning to link the university and the community in the dynamic exchange of ideas, expertise and knowledge on issues of importance to the future of Northeast Ohio communities. Provide opportunities for students and faculty to extend classroom learning to real-world applications.