Center for Economic Development

Reviews and Testimonials

Kathryn Kelley
Managing Director, Ohio Manufacturing Institute

“Iryna and her team at the Center for Economic Development conducted a thorough analysis and set of recommendations in support of the Ohio Innovation Exchange, a research expertise network funded by the Ohio Department of Higher Education. She and her team benchmarked existing statewide expertise networks in the US In the process, she developed a strategy and methodology for deploying robust business-level services that involve a strong human network of “super users.”

Most of the statewide models that the Center for Economic Development researched are university centric and established for the public good, with little or no market research on how industry can best use the system. Little effort has been made to identify and train “super users,” who understand how the system works and, combined with the knowledge of the best available resources for industry, can connect companies with needed resources.

Ultimately, her recommendations has provided a strong - and sustainably minded - guide to the distinctive human network that is built to connect manufacturers with technical resources at universities. The holistic approach used in showcasing best practices and outlining next steps will help us with the primary goal; to reduce or remove barriers to industry-academic collaboration.“

Matthew Hrubey
Grant Coordinator at Cuyahoga County and member of Board of Education at Fairview Park City Schools

"I was blessed with the opportunity to work alongside Iryna and the Center for Economic Development team for several years. The professionalism consistently exhibited by the Center staff is second to none and their willingness to teach proper, logical research techniques continues to serve as a lynchpin for my career today. The range of research topics the Center is responsible for studying is quite expansive and their findings and recommendations have had substantial implications on public policy both regionally and statewide."

Jim Samuel
Principal, Capitol Integrity Group

“Iryna and her team are focused professionals who provide excellent, data-driven economic analyses, utilizing large and varied data sources, and producing solid research products that have been used to guide economic development strategies and supportive of sound public policy debate. I have had the unique opportunity to work with her and her teams in varied positions, including a project collaborator, a member of an project advisory board and in a role supporting a project funder. I would highly recommend Dr. Iryna Lendel and the team at Cleveland State University.”

Cathy Belk
President at JumpStart Inc.

“I have worked with Iryna and her team on an Economic Impact analysis annually for 7 years. Through that experience, I have regularly seen Iryna and her team review very large amounts of data with accuracy and precision, perform best-in-class economic impact analyses of entrepreneurs and the job creation of their ventures, and engage with us on decision-making led by the data and analysis. The quality of the work is impeccable. As partners, they are responsive, thoughtful, problem-solvers who regularly consider feedback, deliver outstanding product, and meet our timelines. I am very pleased and will continue to work with the team led by Iryna.”

Paul Boulier
Vice President Business Attraction at Team NEO

“I have had the opportunity to work with Iryna and her Team at CSU on a number of Economic Development related projects over the past 5 years, and am very impressed with the high degree of business orientation, well-structured analysis to realize fact-based recommendation and conclusions to benefit enterprise and employment in our Region. Also, Iryna and her Team do a fine job in distilling some very complex business/economic/workforce interactions into concepts and actionable approaches.”

Tom Murphy
A Director of Penn State Marcellus Center for Outreach and Research

“I have had the opportunity to partner with Iryna on research related to both workforce assessment and economic development while she has been at CSU. I find that her talents as a researcher are unique in that she brings a global perspective to the scientific inquiries she makes and a very practical design to her research methodologies. The outcomes of projects are detailed and summarized in a manner that makes them immediately applicable to the many stakeholder groups she partners with in the research. I provide educational outreach on economic development issues associated with energy production to audiences worldwide and often cite the work of Iryna and her team at CSU. I have also co-presented with her in Europe and South America and find that she accurately illustrates the implications of the science of her work at CSU, to the evolving needs of others facing similar issues globally. I believe Iryna and her colleagues at her Center at CSU are a real asset and I am always eager to work with them on projects of mutual interest.”

Kristin Puch
Director of Research and Advancement at Community Partnership for Arts and Culture

“Iryna and her team at CSU were very comprehensive in their approach to a series of research studies we commissioned through the Center for Economic Development. The focus of the research commissioned by the Community Partnership for Arts and Culture (CPAC) was to quantify the impact of different arts and culture disciplines on the economy of Cuyahoga County. Iryna and her team skillfully developed and carried out a range of methodologies including surveys, focus groups, economic impact studies, and industry and occupational analyses. The research uncovered trends facing different arts and culture sectors, and has proven very useful to CPAC in its public policy work and for our constituents in their own case-making. Beyond the work product, CPAC appreciated Iryna and her team’s responsiveness to our questions, feedback and project goals.”