Our Vision          

Daylighting Dugway Brook will be a catalyst for renewed ecological health and neighborhood development. Improving stream health and enriching the Lake Erie coastal zone will be balanced with providing social and economic benefits to the surrounding communities. This will be accomplished while acknowledging the effects of growth and preventing negative consequences while making development decisions. 

 Planning for the daylighting project will incorporate working with local residents and stakeholders to develop ways of improving environmental and social connections within the Glenville neighborhood and the Village of Bratenahl.

Goal 1: Community Development

  • Community wellness programs
  • Pursue opportunities for affordable housing
  • Identify important neighborhood characteristics
  • Develop new forms of placemaking

Goal 2: Community Engagement

  • Develop stipend-based stewardship programs
  • Partner with local organizations to develop engagement strategies
  • Foster relationships with community leaders
  • Develop a two-year engagement plan

Goal 3: Connectivity

  • Develop a trail plan with Cuyahoga County Planning Commission
  • Listen to community perspectives to develop trails in underserved areas
  • Implement a system of multi-use trails, sidewalk improvements,
    and wayfinding

Goal 4: Ecological

  • Daylight Dugway Brook to improve water and ecological quality
  • Grow and strengthen Glenville and Bratenahl's urban tree canopy
  • Coordinate with local environmental organizations to identify location
    for native plantings

Goal 5: Reinvestment

  • Evaluate and develop rehabilitation plans for properties at and below code
  • Explore opportunities to develop small businesses along the St. Clair and E.
    105th corridor
  • Reinvest in shopping, dining, and grocery options in Glenville

Capstone Presentation


Address: Urban Building
1717 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44115
Email: j.m.kastelic@csuohio.edu
Email: t.hilde@csuohio.edu
Mission Statement

Engage the community to establish the feasibility of daylighting the Dugway Brook and improve connectivity throughout the natural and built environments.