Balancing Broadway: The Full Report

Connecting, activating, and creating vibrancy in Historic Downtown
Broadway is just one read away. See our recommendations and findings

Building A Better,
Balanced Broadway

Our process of building a balanced, Broadway is a tale in three parts. First,
we examined and analyzed existing conditions. Second, we surveyed the public
for how they view Broadway and what they would want to see in a Balanced Broadway.
Third, we gave recommendations based on our findings in the previous two sections.

Existing conditions

History, demographics, current retail analysis, and more, give us the on-the-ground conditions for Historic Downtown Broadway.

Public survey

Do you come here often? What would you like to see here? What brings you to Downtown Broadway? These and many more questions were asked.


A new commercial façade incentive program, walkability targets, Pellet Terminal and City Hall redevelopment sites, you’ll find it all in our recommendations.


There Are Many Right Choices

There’s no one answer to the issues facing Downtown Lorain currently, but there are many avenues the city and other partners can take to mitigate the negatives and enhance the positives.


Our Inspiration

Other reports were used in the formation of our ideas for Downtown Lorain, here are a few used to help us envision a better, balanced, Broadway.

Read the full report here


We asked; you answered

Respondents had a lot to say on how to help balance their downtown, here are just a few examples.


“Promote a safer atmosphere where people feel comfortable walking around even after dark. This could include a large grocery store, a couple of coffee shops and barber shop/salon, more bars/restaurants (differentiated like a sports bar, wine bar, cocktail bar, and brewery), and most importantly mixed-income apartments with retail space that are developed to maintain the charm of downtown while housing a younger population.“

Anonymous Respondent

“Lorain could benefit from a downtown that is multipurpose so that at all times of day and night people are present. Not only could this promote economic development, it can also promote a safer atmosphere where people feel comfortable walking around even after dark. “

Anonymous Respondent

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